World Test Championship 2023-2025: Current Points Table and Team Standings

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As the cricketing world eagerly follows the enthralling battles of the World Test Championship (WTC) 2023-2025, the points table provides a clear snapshot of each team’s journey and progress in this prestigious competition. The unique format of the WTC, spanning over a two-year period, aims to identify the ultimate Test cricket powerhouse through a rigorous series of matches.

At present, Pakistan stands tall at the summit of the points table. Having played two matches, they secured victories in both encounters, amassing an impressive 24 points with a perfect win record. Their points percentage (PCT) of 100.0 speaks volumes of their dominant performance early in the cycle.

Following closely is India, with two matches under their belt. They clinched a victory in one match and settled for a draw in another, collecting 16 points in total. With a PCT of 66.67, India is well poised to climb the ladder as the championship progresses.

Australia, with five matches played, holds the third position. Their record comprises two wins, two losses, and a draw, earning them 18 points. Despite their relatively balanced performance, their PCT stands at 30.0, reflecting the competitive nature of the championship.

The West Indies finds themselves in the fourth spot after playing two matches. With no wins and one draw, they’ve garnered 4 points, resulting in a PCT of 16.67. England, in fifth place, has been involved in five matches, achieving two wins, two draws, and one loss, accumulating 9 points with a PCT of 15.0.

Sri Lanka, with two matches played, occupies the sixth position with no points to their name, reflecting the challenges they face in the early stages of the championship.

The points system for WTC 2023-2025 awards 12 points for a win, 4 points for a draw, and 6 points for a tie. The points percentage (PCT) system comes into play, where PCT is calculated as Points won by a team / Points contested * 100. This mechanism ensures a fair representation of a team’s performance in proportion to their opportunities.

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