All-Time ODI Bowling Rankings: Celebrating the Maestros of Wickets

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In the realm of One Day International (ODI) cricket, bowlers play a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of matches. The International Cricket Council’s (ICC) All-Time ODI Bowling Rankings honor the exceptional talents who have showcased their mastery over the art of bowling. Let’s journey through history to recognize the top-ranked ODI bowlers of all time.

1. Joel Garner: The “Big Bird” at the Summit

At the zenith of the All-Time ODI Bowling Rankings stands Joel Garner from the West Indies with an extraordinary rating of 940. Garner’s towering presence and formidable pace made him a terror for batsmen. He attained this remarkable rating against New Zealand on April 17, 1985, etching his name in cricketing history.

2. Richard Hadlee: New Zealand’s Bowling Icon

New Zealand’s Richard Hadlee secures the second spot with a rating of 923, showcasing his mastery of swing and seam bowling. Hadlee’s highest career rating was achieved against Sri Lanka on June 18, 1983. His precision and skill set a benchmark for generations of bowlers to come.

3. Shaun Pollock: South Africa’s Seam Maestro

South Africa’s Shaun Pollock occupies the third position with a rating of 917. Pollock’s ability to extract movement from pitches and his consistent line and length made him a menace for batsmen. He achieved his career-best rating against Pakistan on February 14, 2007, leaving a lasting legacy in the cricketing world.

4. Muttiah Muralidaran: Spin Wizard’s Brilliance

Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralidaran takes the fourth spot with a rating of 913, showcasing his spin magic that bewildered batsmen. Muralidaran reached his career-high rating against New Zealand on April 9, 2002. His unorthodox bowling style and unparalleled skills have left an indelible mark on the game.

5. Glenn McGrath: Australia’s Precision Bowler

Australia’s Glenn McGrath stands at the fifth position with a rating of 903, known for his impeccable accuracy and disciplined line. McGrath’s career-best rating was achieved against South Africa on March 30, 2002. His ability to exploit even the slightest weakness in a batsman’s technique made him one of the finest bowlers in history.

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